Learn Spanish ™ アプリのレビュー


Very useful.

Love this app

I really like this app and it's free so like why don't u want this so ILISM

Great app

Have learn more than I did in high school Spanish class.

Just started.

Just recently started using the app, will be able for a better review later.

It works!

After only a week the words learned are increasing my vocabulary. Give it a chance and you’ll be surprised.


Thank you so much I can learn it easy now


It’s ok but you cannot hear the words really well🐬

Quick & Fun

I love this app There are a lot of sections that help keep my vocabulary fresh in a fun way. I use Duolingo & Pimsleur but I love this app because it’s organized & fun. There’s always enough time to squeeze in some practice.

Volume Issues

I was really excited to try this app based on reviews. When I tried it there is no sound. I tried app on both my iPhoneX and iPad and nothing. I did it with and without headphones.

I hate it

So already know all of it and I need something a lot harder so I can learn more so put like sentences and a lot of other things so that all I need to say but seriously make it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome, love the app.

I love the app, it gives you a lot of the basics plus some extra stuff, but I just got the latest update for my iPad and there are no updates to make this app compatible to my iPad anymore, please fix this, I’d love to use the app some more.

Has bug

App opens but shuts down every time I select any category.


I updated this and now it disappears when I try to open a category on my iPhone 6. Continues to disappear on iPhone 6 and iPad when opening a category. It’s incompatible? It says on the description that it is.

Would have been 5 stars...

This app is fun and educational but the constant demand to rate the app is what's holding back that last star. I've only just started use the app so how can I give a fair rating? Hey, app creator, give me time to have a honest opinion, k?

Learn Spanish

Great app! I am proving I'm not too old too learn. Thanks mucho

Fun, easy, and Helpful

This app is free!! It's pretty fun and really helpful! I enjoy it a lot.


👍 good app

Great App!

Easy to use very user friendly even for children. I've learned so much from this app. Just an overall great app.

Awesome app

Love to learn different languages and this is a awesome tool to get it done!

Not For kids

What began as a great enrichment tool for my students ended in embarrassment and reprimand as inappropriate photos were used in the quiz section. Naked breast and a cartoon of a naked bottom receiving an injection, REALLY? What poor taste! I will be certain to spread the word on social media not to use this app. SHAMEFUL!👎


Very easy to use and good app

No Good for Me

Dies instantly every time I launch it. I have iOS 5.1 and it is very hard to find anything that works these days in the App Store, so I was hopeful when I found this app displaying compatibility with 5.0 and greater. But sad to say it just ain't so....

Good review app

Having studied Spanish many years ago, this was a good refresher for me.


I'm tired of resubmitting reviews ever time I do it it rejects my review requiring me to get a different nickname than I have to write all over again, frustrating

Useful and well executed app

The title says it all. I'm just doing a little crash course in Spanish before a mission Trip and this app is simple enough to fit just lead the very basics but has enough vocabulary to not be silly.

One of the better one for free

Has more content for free than most other app.

I love this app

Please make more and even one with spanish grammer:)


Love it, the app makes it fun to memorize vocabulary

Great format

I use the app daily on my commute to work. Th ability to quiz and review is a great feature. A frat supplement to anyone trying to learn Spanish

Spanish app

Very good app, enjoy it very much. Easy to use for learning Spanish.

Make learning Spanish fun!!

I love this app! I learned so much in a short amount of time while having fun!


Love it!


This is a great a great app. I suggest you should get it, if you are going to learn Spanish. They have really fun quizzes. 🙂🙂😀😀😃😃😁😁

Just started

Looks like fun, even if very basic.


I have to be honest here, I didn't bother to even open one lesson. I was looking through the lesson titles and saw one called "greating" with a picture of two people shaking hands. Clearly, this should say "greeting". It could be a simple typo, but I have trouble trusting what I would learn from this program if the English isn't even correct. As this app would probably say, Adeos.

awesome app

i absolutely love this app. please update it so it's compatible with the new ios software. other than that AWESOME !!!!

Great app

Just what I need to learn Spanish

So far so good

I'm really enjoying it so far


Out the box it seems like a great app but I haven't used it yet so how can I give an honest review. Gonna give it 3 stars for now and update after I've used it. Nice app.


Nice way to review

Offensive Pictures, Should Not be +4 App

I downloaded for my young son. On the "Body" section the pictures include a close up of a woman's nipple, and another of her breast. In the "Clothing" section "to take off", literally has a woman taking off her shirt. Beyond the examples mentioned, many of the pictures are sensual in nature. Sadly, I am deleting this app. It would be a wonderful app otherwise.

1st review

I will write another review after I use this app for a bit. Just hoping the "write a review" popup will go away with this entry.

Learn Spanish

Interesting. I need to focus more but I am learning. Adios amigo

Good app

Good app

Love it

Download now

Great app

It is a simple app to use and fun

Spanish app

Great app. The pics and variety of ways it helps you remember is very good. I wish it had more words and had more sentences and phrases it helped you with though to get a better grasp of conversing in the language


Has great features for free! Numerous categories and many different ways to learn the vocabulary and phrases depending on your learning style. Overall great app!

Good quick vocabulary builder

I have been learning Spanish using duolingo, but it does not have a good basic way of learning vocabulary. This program makes up for duolingo deficiency.

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