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Before I even used the app, they were asking for a review so here it is.... WAIT for me to use the app before you start begging for a review...

Potentially Great

The app seems to have the potential to be a great program if it would stop the annoying requests to write a review.

Not bad at all!

Pop ups can be annoying forcing you to review but seems ok otherwise.

Great app

Love the app has different types of tests

Just started to us it But

Ill write another review when I get more usage from the app. However I was prompted for a "review" and when I responded no the app froze. To be continued.....,


Thanks for the wonderful app


Great app. Makes it very easy to learn Spanish. One thing I do wish is that you could customize the study list down to just the phases I am having trouble remembering. Also that the picture association was a little more clearer. Example, for the color verde, use just the color green and not a picture of peas.

Great way to learn Spanish!!!

Just what the title says- a great way to learn Spanish easily and has a complete list of vocabulary words that help increase your Spanish vocabulary.


Good app!Its just that the r sound is so hard to pronounce in Spanish.


I phucks with this app. If you try to learn Spanish then this the mf app for you

Learning Spanish

Been with my Mexican boyfriend for 13yrs n I dont no Spanish n when we all go out everyone is engaged in conversation except me I just be looking n listening wishing I know what they are saying so I can join in the talk!!!


Very good learning tool!


Awesome app!! We needed this, since Spanish is our second language!! Thank you!!

To soon to tel

The first thing I see is the constant pop-up to rate the app. I have barely even navigated the structure yet, not to mention actually beginning the learning process. Maybe this will be a 5 star rating in the future. A note to the developers: wait until this consumer actually uses the product to solicit--rather annoyingly--for a review.

Basic Spanish

This little app is absolutely the best. I now know words I had trouble remembering before. If you want to learn quickly give this a try. Its easy, quickly builds on words you already know, and keeps you wanting more!

Great app

Easy to learn with fun games. Effortless learning

Free and good practice

Pretty good for a free app. I like it.

Great app

Easy to learn

Learn Vocabulary and youll learn Spanish!!!

This is the perfect app to learn with no restrictions!!!! You can learn as much as you want at your own pace. I recommend this app for anyone trying to learn Spanish!


Not bad, many ways to learn, but also they are kinda the same

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