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Highly Recommend for beginners

Great app. Easy to use and makes learning basic Spanish sorta fun

Great love it

Love it some of the photos are kinda funny explaining the word when I get the rolling R I will be dorado

My first impressions

Started using the app couple of days back. Very easy, straightforward and efficient.

Need a tutorial and place the review request to a later time

I just downloaded this app. The other reviewers were right in the annoyance of the review request at the beginning before Ive tried the app. Give me a chance to use it. Sounds like the other reviews were good and I would have given a 5 star instead of 4. A tutorial or demo at the beginning would be good. Im not sure what to expect or to navigate. The flash cards wont let you continue if you mark it wrong. The way I use flash cards is to go through them, then review the ones that I got incorrectly.

Great Spanish App!

Wow, great study app for basic Spanish. You can learn at your own pace and study whenever/wherever.

Love it

Ive learn more Spanish from this than my Spanish teacher

Thumbs up

I thank you for developing this app and for the thought that has gone into the technique used I am really enjoying learning this way thank you


Cant complain for something like this thats free!

Best so far

Best Spanish learning app Ive seen so far. Hope it works.

Fun way to learn.

Great app.


Well done!!! Nice app and great to review for Espanol

Very Helpful

This is helping me in my Spanish I class.

Its fun and its free

I took some Spanish in high school so my skills are patchy at best. This is a fun app with little quizzes and games which help with recalling words and pronunciation.

Not so bad!

OK, it gives a good look on how easy and smart (and effective!) it is when you want to acquire and USE a new language. This way of doing is really too fun!


It very helpful to learn Spanish. Im thankful to you.

Very good app !

Bravo !

Errors and bugs

Not worthy of the App Store. Full of errors and bugs.

Not bad

Not perfect

App is fine

App is very fine

Fun to learn

Love this app. A+

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