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Great tool for all ages

This is a great app to learn basic spanish. My nieces 5 and 10 love it too. It is a great alternative to the game apps at least they are learning something.


Meets all the require mens I wanted thx SOOO much

Wow!! Categories galore!

Thanks for the free app to get me started on Spanish! 1. Love the many word categories! 2. Love how many different ways there are to practice - English to Spanish, Spanish to English, multiple choice, self-check.... LOVE it!

Ilang Spanish

Great app to learn the basics


Its a great application!

Great tool

Great tool!


Thank you it is very useful sofrware

So useful

So useful to learn basic spanish words.




Very nice

Good application

Very good, my daughter (6 years) using this without any problems, intuitive.

Learn Spanish

easy to learn Spanish


Very easy to learn spanish words

great but much to be done

I really liked this app. Its helpful for beginners. BUT there are lot of bugs and they makes me crazy. Errors totally ruin the app. Will check for updates and hope to use it again after corrections.

Its very good app

Good job admin , Its very good app I am really learning alot thanks

Nice app!

Like it, thanks to creators!

Good job!

The app is really helpful for beginners.

Helpful app

This is a nice and helpful application, the graphics could be better though. Some words are given a little bit randomly.

Nice app

Very helpful!

Thank you

Thank you

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