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Looking forward to learning Spanish

Great app

Ive only used the app for a couple of days. Its been great so far, I definitely recommend it

Great App

My husbands family speaks Spanish so I am trying to learn for them because they know how to speak English. I appreciate that so I thought Id try to learn their native language since they learned mine.

Great offline app

Best app by far for offline vocabulary learning. Love the pics!

Great App for learning vocabulary

This is a really nice app. It offers many different activities for learning. It is beautifully executed and has great visual appeal.


Very helpful app for studying Spanish. I love all the different options to reinforce the memory!

Great APP

Easy and useful application to learn the basic words in Spanish , words are sorted in a great way and the voice and pronunciation is so clear , this app is so good and in a way that cant be better

Great for beginners

This is a simple app to use. This is a great place to start your Spanish speaking journey. It is informative but not overwhelming.

Easy to understand

Love the photos, voice is easy to understand. Would recommend.

Fantastic app

This is so easy to use. It also groups different words together my category. I love it!

Great application

Well organized. Fun to learn. A great application. The best, I have seen for learning Spanish .

Nice facilitator

This app is easy to navigate and has a lot of good functions in facilitating language learning. I especially like the ability to record my voice and compare my own pronunciation with the standard one.


This is a great supplement to the Rosetta Stone course Im using. I love the memory section!

Learning Spanish

So far so good. Thank you for this app.

Good Spanish vocabulary

Simple to use. Lots of practical categories. Pictures for visual fix. English translations and you can hear the correct Spanish pronunciation of word.


I rlly like this app

One of the best!

I love this app because it uses various testing which causes permanent memory. I hate that it repeatedly asks you to rate it. Lately, it started freezing and blanking off a lot. But when its working, its one of the best language learning apps I have found.

Learning Spsnish

This is a great app. You can learn lots of Spsnish words with this app.

Good Spanish App

A very nice app for learning Spanish.

A great Spanish learning tool

This learning material organized in very logic way, easy to use and good for building up practical vocabulary. A great starting tool for Spanish learning.

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